Online Campaign Requests Donations to Fund Court Costs of Former Razorback Accused of Murder

FAYETTEVILLE, AR (KNWA)- A GoFundMe campaign to help pay court costs for a former Razorback accused of second degree murder raised $2,400.

Joshua Melton is charged with killing his friend after a night of drinking. In July he was given a new trial date after his first was declared a mistrial.

The GoFundMe page for Melton is asking for donations to "retain current legal counsel, as well as bringing expert witnesses back to Fayetteville for a second trial." The fund was set up on Thursday by Monique Gray, according to the site. It has a fundraising goal set of $28,000.

The page makes no mention of Melton's current charges but points out that "prior to the criminal case in question, Josh had always been a model, law abiding citizen. He had never had more than a speeding ticket on his record."

The trial has been reset to October 20th.

Michael Gover was found dead inside Melton's home at 6316 W. Copper Ridge Lane in August 2013. Melton was arrested on charges of second degree murder.

According to a police report Melton said he and a friend had been drinking when Melton passed out and woke up to find the victim had vomited on the floor. Melton said he confronted the victim about the mess and told police he then went into a "rage," punching the victim several times.

Joshua Melton was an Offensive lineman for the Razorbacks from 1998 to 2002.

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