Police: Teen Exposed Himself to Police Chief's Daughter

MAUMELLE, AR -- A 16-year-old boy has been arrested and charged with exposing himself to an underage girl jogging along a busy Central Arkansas road.

As it turns out the girl is the daughter of Maumelle Police Chief, Sam Williams.  Thankfully, his daughter wasn't harmed and he hopes what happened will serve as a warning to folks spending more time outdoors as weather starts heating up.

It was 5:30 Tuesday evening and the girl was jogging along the 500 block of Edgewood Drive in Maumelle.
Police say the 16-year-old drove up and began to harass the girl with sexually explicit language and then exposed himself.
Of course, she called her dad, Chief Williams and officers swarmed the scene.
We asked the chief how people should react in that type of a situation.

"The one thing that criminals hate is eyewitnesses," said Chief Williams.  "They do not like other people.  They're like roaches.  They love to run in the dark, but when you shine the light on them they scatter.  So we have to use that theory."

Chief Williams says people should consider bringing whistles, pepper spray or other types of protection.

Police say the 16-year-old was following at least one other woman on Tuesday.  That's why he faces two charges of harassment to go along with a charge of indecent exposure and possessing drug paraphernalia which police say they found after searching his vehicle.
Since he is only 16, his name isn't being released.
After being arrested, he was turned over to his parents.

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