Shannon Hills Woman Wants Answers in Husband's Murder

SHANNON HILLS, AR -- A Shannon Hills woman says she won't feel safe until police capture the person who killed her husband seven months ago.

Karesha Crocker says she lives in fear every day.

Her reason is that someone came into her home last July and shot her husband.

Bryant Crocker, 44, was well known.

He played football for the Razorbacks in the 90's and his wife says he had so many friends, she held two funerals for him.

But Karesha says Bryant also had a crazy past, one she says could have caught up with him.

Karesha said her husband was her best friend. She never left his side, even when he went to prison after getting messed up in drugs.

"I supported him and stood by him," she said.

But things changed when Bryant came home. Karesha says they never really felt safe, constantly concerned about Bryant's past.

And on July 6, 2013, she faced her worst fear. Someone came into their Shannon Hills home and shot Bryant. Karesha lost her best friend.

"Even the Super Bowl, there hasn't been a Super Bowl that we didn't have a full house of people here and this is coming up and I'm just going to be here by myself," she said.

Along with loneliness, came fear. Karesha says it's hard to smile now because she's always paranoid.

"And I drive home, and I think people are following me all the time, so I just have to drive past my house, and I don't stop at my home because I'm not sure what's going on, so I'm constantly scared about something," Karesha said.

Her other fear is that this case won't be solved.

Karesha's hopeful though someone will come forward and help put an end to her fear and pain.

Karesha was not at home the day her husband was murdered, but she says her father-in-law was there. However, he told police that he didn't see what happened.

If you know anything about the July 2013 murder of Bryant Crocker, call the Arkansas State Police. Detectives say this is an active investigation.

But on the day of the murder, police told us it didn't look like there was forced entry, so it's possible Bryant knew his killer.

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