Stop the Violence Urges Community to Speak Up on Crime

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Members of "Stop the Violence" sing Amazing Grace at a rally on 11th and Oak Street in Little Rock after 44-year-old Tan Wilson was shot and killed right in front of her home on Saturday night.

Friend of Wilson's says he met her while she was going through rehab.

"I've known Tan for years, she came into recovery, I'm the group facilitator at the Empowerment Center. We helped her go through the program. She was an intricate part of the community. We helped her get a job at City Mart, from there she moved up to supervisor in a very short period of time. She has a daughter in the Navy, a lovely mother and the whole recovery community."

Community is key says Reverend Benny Johnson, neighbors getting to know their neighbors and speaking up when crimes happen in their neighborhood.

"In fact Deedra we are on a record setting pace, we did some research back in 2010, 28 homicides in a whole year, as of June we already had 28 homicides," said Johnson.

The latest homicide, in an area where neighbors say it's quiet, children can play with each other and a woman being murdered right outside her home, never expected.

“Never, nothing at all, which is tragic in this neighborhood because this neighborhood is under revitalization," said Franks.

Johnson says he knows his rallies won't end all crime, but it can put a dent in it, with the help of people.

"We need to put the neighbor back in the hood," added Johnson.

So teddy bears and candles won't represent a friend's life taken so soon.

"This is why this is so much of a shock to us," said Franks.

And right now, no reason why.

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