Teen Killed in LR Shooting Honored at School

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Flowers and a sash were laid across a seat at McClellan High School's homecoming to mark the spot for Adrian Broadway. The 15-year-old cheerleader was shot and killed over the weekend in a prank gone wrong. 

On Friday afternoon the school's stadium was filled with students and their families. 

It was an emotional and tearful vigil for the young freshman whose life was cut short. 

People remembered Adrian as they held balloons, flowers and signs.

The school's student government leaders asked everyone to carry Adrian's legacy of love on. 

Students shared poetry, said prayers and expressed how much they'll miss Adrian's bright personality and loving nature. 

Towards the end of the vigil, balloons were released balloons in honor of Adrian, who was also a representative on the homecoming court. 

Adrian Broadway's accused killer has been charged with first degree murder. 

Willie Noble, 48, says he did not intend to kill Broadway, he just wanted to scare away the group of people she was with. 

Noble opened fire on the teens after finding his car had been egged and covered with leaves. 

He's expected to plead not guilty in the case. He's being held on $500,000 bond.

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