Van Buren Officer Suspended After Messaging Teen on Social Media

VAN BUREN, AR (KNWA)- A Van Buren Police Officer was put on an unpaid suspension after the parents of 16-year-old girl told police he was trying to contact her on social media.

Officer John Cao stopped the teen for speeding on May 11, according to the Van Buren Police Department, but she was not given a ticket.

According to the police chief Kenneth Bell, the officers were doing DWI checks only and by policy not ticketing for anything else.

Later, the teen told her parents Cao tried to reach her on Facebook so they filed a complaint on her behalf, Bell said.

Cao does not face criminal charges, and an internal investigation was completed. Bell says Cao did violate department policy and he was disciplined according to the policy.

Cao returned to work on Tuesday.

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