D-Mac Says Goodbye to NFL

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Former Razorback football star Darren McFadden, who was waived two days ago by the Dallas Cowboys, has officially retired from pro football.

The successful running back was drafted into the NFL in 2008 by the Oakland Raiders, and played there for seven seasons. In 2015, he joined the Cowboys and had battled elbow injuries while on the team.

He took to Twitter Tuesday to make his decision known:
"Today, I am announcing that I am retiring from the NFL. I have been extremely privileged to play in the League a long time and now that time for me is done.

I want to thank so many people who have helped me along the way. First, and most important, are my family. My wife Tanya, who has been there with me through all of the ups and downs. Of course, my parents - Graylon, Cookie and Mini - without them I would not be the person I am today - they always supported me and pushed me to be the best I can be. Thank you Mom, and Dad.

Second, I also would not have had the success I had without many great coaches and teammates along the way. To all of my offensive lines - thank you [for] paving the way for me with your blood and sweat. To all the rest of my offensive teammates - thank you for helping me succeed. I want to acknowledge a few coaches as well - all of my high school coaches and especially Coach John Mayes; all of my college coaches - especially Houston Nutt, Danny Nutt and Tim Horton; all of my NFL coaches - especially Tom Rathman, Kelly Skipper and Gary Brown.

I also want to thank the Raiders - especially Mr. D and the Cowboys - especially the Jones family.

A very special thank you to Leecie Henson for keeping me straight in high school and helping me get to college.

Also, I want to thank my agent - Ian Greengross. Everything that happened to me - good or bad - he was always there for me and I think of him like family.

Finally, I just want to say that I make this decision not with sadness or without further opportunity, but with a couple of days to reflect on how I feel and where I am at this stage of life. I know that this is the right move for me. I look forward to what the future holds - spending some more time with my family, pursuing some outside interests and, of course, going to a few Arkansas football games! #WPS"

Photo courtesy: Getty Images

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