Day 4 of Vilonia Recovery

VILONIA, AR - Trying to accurately show you the scale of destruction in Vilonia really goes beyond pictures.

But for four days now, FOX16 bringing you images, snapshots, to try and capture what's happening on the ground.

We've been in so many spots this week showing you what it looks like here and there.

So today, I thought we would just drive you through town with us, so you can see how Vilonia looks four days later.

We're east bound on Main Street entering some of the hardest hit areas.

Power poles are back, rubble strewn about now being gathered in large piles to be hauled off at some point.

Just down one of these roads off main, I ran into Greg Bradley, sifting through the remains of his home, but four days later, feeling the same, grateful.

"Sunday night when I found out she was OK, I just felt like I was blessed that my daughter made it through. Everyday somebody is doing something, little blessing here, little blessing there, it's been crazy, everyday. Last night we ate at China Town and we're sitting there and a guy heard we were from Vilonia and that we'd lost our house. My whole family was there, 10 of us. He's a soccer coach at Hendrix and he paid for all of our meals. Stuff like that you don't expect. It's just amazing," says Bradley.

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