Death of Former Cop Possible Result of Feud with Hot Dog Vendor

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) says Todd Payne died after he was tackled in the middle of the street after trying to set a hot dog cart on fire.

The owner of the hot dog cart, Ean Bordeaux happens to be a local blog writer that's written articles on alleged corruption and included Payne, a former officer who had been fired for policy violation according to LRPD.

The two men knew each other and their feud ended Friday (4/18) morning.

Bordeaux says he didn't mean to kill the man that he says tried to destroy his livelihood and possibly his home too.

"I looked outside and my hot dog cart's on fire," Bordeaux showed the damage in front of his Little Rock home on Bragg Street. "This could have blown up the house."

Bordeaux woke up at about four in the morning to his dogs barking and this cart on fire.

"So I'm running down in my robe and putting it out with my hand," he showed the blistering on his hand.

He says he saw someone running away from the home but decided to call LRPD and wait.

15 minutes went by however and he saw the same person coming back.

"I see a masked white man -- and this is the hood, so I don't know what masked white-men are doing in the ghetto," Bordeaux questioned. "...He was wearing a mask."

It quickly became clear to him why as the man tried to start lighting the fire back up.

When Bourdeaux came back outside he says the masked man ran but Bourdeaux caught him in the street and tackled him, the man hitting the ground face first.

"We didn't fight or anything," he reassured when asked if he was trying to hurt the man. "Why should I? ... I knew the police were coming, I already called them. There was no need to hurt him, there was a need to hold him."

Police say however the man died from his injuries. 

Bordeaux says he knew when he tackled the man he realized who it was.

"It's a former police officer named Todd Payne," Bordeaux remembered. "A person that I have on my blog site called corruptionsucksblog."

Bordeaux believes Payne was targeting him and his business in retaliation for what's been written.

Bordeaux says he wanted Payne to pay for lighting his cart on fire, just not with his life.

"Why would I want someone to die? he asked. "I want justice and justice doesn't require someone to die."

LRPD released Bordeaux without charges and despite investigating the case as a homicide. It will ultimately be up to the County Prosecutor to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

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