Deputy Arrests City Councilman for Public Intoxication, Threatening to Pull Gun

MONTICELLO, AR - Police in Monticello have arrested a city councilman during an alleged drunken encounter.

They say the man threatened to pull a gun on a deputy. The councilman denied the allegations.

According to police reports the Monticello Councilman, Cedric Leonard, was brought into a confrontation by the owner of an ATV who was upset that the deputy was trying to tow the ATV after kids were driving it on the street.

According to the reports by both the Drew County Sheriff's Office and Monticello Police a deputy who was threatening to tow the ATV while trying to figure out who was unlawfully driving it on the street Sunday night, was confronted by Cedric Leonard.

According to Criminal Investigator for the Sheriff's Office, Lt. Tim Nichols, the deputy could smell alcohol on Leonard's breath while he yelled and cursed.

"Mr. Leonard approached the deputy in an aggressive manor," Lt. Nichols explained. "[Leonard] stated that he had a gun for the deputy and proceeded to go to this vehicle."

The report says when Leonard came back it took two officers to get him in handcuffs.

Lt. Nichols added, "It could've ended badly someone could've gotten hurt."

After a pat down they found no weapons.

Leonard claims most of what's in the report is false, saying he had just woken up, and had not been drinking.

He faces a public intoxication charge along with obstruction of a governmental operation.

Leonard says he planned on attending the planned City Council meeting Tuesday night saying this had nothing to do with his job.

The City of Monticello had no comment on the matter.

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