Despite Buzz, 'Dirty Jobs' Host Mike Rowe Not Running for Lafayette County Judge

LAFAYETTE COUNTY, AR (KNWA) -- A Facebook post from reality TV star Mike Rowe claiming he was making a run for county judge had Arkansans buzzing yesterday.

Dirty Jobs' Rowe wrote on Facebook yesterday, "Enough already. I’ll do it. After 10,000 unsolicitated invitations to run for elected office, and a steady drumbeat of growing support on this page, I’ve decided there’s only one logical course of action. Last night, I moved to Lafayette, Arkansas, to begin my bid to become County Judge..."

Rowe even included pictures of a very real-looking county judge election sign and mentioned his two previous trips to the Natural State, to collect beetles with U of A students and to serve as The Grand Marshal of The St. Patricks Day Parade in Hot Springs in 2008.

But it turns out - it was all a joke. Sort of. There really is a Mike Rowe running for Lafayette County Judge in Arkansas. He just isn't famous for hosting television shows.

Patti Reich with the Lafayette County Judge’s Office tells us, "There is no validity to the TV personality actually running, besides, the deadline to file was over quite some time back [but] there is a gentleman by the name of Mike Rowe running for Lafayette County Judge but he is in fact NOT the TV personality."

Rowe's Facebook post on Wednesday had some fun while it lasted, though. It was shared thousands of times and people were clamoring to be his "campaign manager," writing essays in the comments.

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