Donna Terrell Special Report: Stolen Memories, a Story of Survival

LITTLE ROCK, AR - "If somebody could pour a headache into your head, that's how it felt. Like somebody was pouring. It just came down strong and slow."

"And it got stronger and stronger. The worst headache of my life."

Today Sonta James known to most as "Sonta Jean the KOKY Queen" on KOKY's 102.1 has been headache free for a while.

But not long ago, she experienced a night like none other. The night her fiancé rushed her to the hospital because of excruciating pain.

"All I can remember is what people tell me happened but they did indeed find I had an aneurysm," says James.

Meaning blood vessels in Sonta's brain ruptured, causing her brain to bleed.

Doctors performed emergency surgery to stop the hemorrhaging.

Looking through her Facebook pages Sonta reflects on that time. Remembering how doctors feared she'd have a second aneurysm, forcing a second surgery.

The aneurysm changed things, for one she tires easily.

"I'm most forgetful too. I forget everything, everything."

"Right now it seems small and I hope it stays small. I hope it doesn't get, I can feel tears coming. I hope it doesn't get worse because of course that's something that concerns me. You don't want to forget stuff," says James.

This radio personality has been on KOKY for 11 years. She still gets support from listeners and her co-workers.

"Just kind of felt like maybe God is using me to show people miracles do happen because it's nothing short of a miracle."

But there's still a lingering fear.

"When something like this happens you can't help but think well, I made it but how much time do I have? Nobody can guarantee that."

She calls the ordeal life-changing, she's learned to slow down and offers advice.

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