Door-to-Door Scam Arrests Made in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, AR - Jacksonville police are reminding people how to protect themselves from scammers possibly posing as door to door salesmen.

Over the weekend officers arrested two people selling books and magazines in an apartment complex. The men were cited for not having a permit. City leaders say the permit process requires a background check. It's the city's way of letting people know who they should trust and who has been cleared to sell in their community.

"Maybe they're casing a house for a burglary and they're out just knocking on doors looking for someone to as see if no one answers it could be a target for them it let's us to now they are legitimate business," says Sgt. Richard Betterton.

The two men were cited for misdemeanors. If you're ever confronted by a door salesman police say it's a good idea to ask for their permit or call the city to conform their business is legitimate.

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