Family Hopes to Find Man Missing for Two Months

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - On Dec. 11, Malvine Lee's car was found abandoned on the Interstate 440 bridge in Little Rock. 

For nearly nine weeks his family has been waiting for any news, while keeping the word out about their loved one.

Malvine's sister, Pamela Lee said the family has been active on social media.

"Facebook, we have flyers, I call people," she says. "He's never done anything like this, never. And it's just weird."

The initial reports indicated Malvine jumped from the bridge into the Arkansas River. Over the last two months the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office has been searching the waters.

"We've had our water patrol out several times, they were just out last week, searching the channel from the bridge all the way down to the dam site, trying to locate any type of evidence, or the body," says Lieutenant Carl Minden.

To this point no new evidence has surfaced, and investigators are not completely ruling out that Malvine may not have jumped.

"There's a possibility he may not be in the river," Lt. Minden adds. "The main evidence we have points to that, that's where they have been focusing a lot of their efforts."

Malvine's family will wait, hoping for the best, while bracing for the worst.

"I'm going to hold onto it until they find a body and bring it to us," says Pamela Lee.

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