Father Shot by Law Enforcement Struggles to Recover

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AR - "He didn't understand why he would want to kill him."

That was first thing Gail Lang's son questioned from his hospital bed.

Dedric Jones is recovering from one shot to the chest fired from the gun of a Jefferson County Sheriffs Office investigator.

"It's sad and it's wrong," says Lang.

The Sheriffs Office confirms Jones was found shot once at Swanns Bar and Lounge on July 5th, and 8 year veteran Investigator Randy Jackson pulled the trigger.

Nine days later they're still waiting to learn why.

Why did Jackson fire and why hasn't he been arrested.

"If my son had pulled the trigger he would have went straight to jail and they would have asked questions later," said Lang.

Jackson resigned Saturday in the middle of investigations by Pine Bluff Police and the sheriff's office which maintains it's investigators are still in the dark about most details, including what type of gun Jackson used.

While Lang waits on possible criminal charges from the county prosecutors office, she is focusing on her son's health.

"He is in a lot of pain, what he is seeing is not making his situation any better."

She's praying that her son gets well, and a shot at justice.

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