Feral Cats Roaming Little Rock Neighborhood


Wandering cats without a home are worrying some Little Rock residents.

On Taylor Street near the Fair Park neighborhood people are dealing with feral cats.

Brent Wulf said there are around five to ten cats that roam the area.  Some neighbors said those felines take their aggression along with them and make it dangerous to be outside.

"We've had cats under our cars from time to time. Not knowing if there's one under there and being able to scratch our feet if we have flip flops," said Brent Wulf.

Neighborhood association leaders are warning folks to be careful when moving about.  Feral cats are known to be combative and do not socialize with humans.  Veterinarians say you'll know the difference between a stray and a feral cat.

Strays go to humans when called, while ferals hiss and could attack if provoked.

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