Flooding Concerns Addressed in Brinkley Town Hall Meeting

BRINKLEY, AR - It was question after question as people piled into the Brinkley Convention Center on Monday afternoon.

What they were looking for were answers for their concerns after 10 inches of rain flooded the town of Brinkley and most of Monroe County last Saturday.

"We have no where to go. It's just flooded, it's just real sad the way they doing this. They have to wait on FEMA to come in. The state and the mayor should be able to do something about this," says Ollie Lawless.

Homeowners left with no answers on when they will get assistance.

"On the FEMA side in particular we haven't had that designation or request for federal assistance," says Congressman Rick Crawford.

Farmers left with some hope for temporary loans.

"On the AG side I expect probably sometime this week we will know more because we know the request has been made an signed off by our delegation."

This after farmers in the area lost an estimated 75,000 acres of crops.

"We have seen heavy rains like this sometimes in May and been able to replant June but today is the 7th day of July and soy beans planted after the first of July is a gamble, a very serious gamble at best so the farmers are really hurting," says Butch Calhoun.

But still, both left wondering if and when, that financial help will come.

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