For Years Tax Dollars Go To Wrong School District

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A mistake made at the Pulaski County Tax Assessor's Office could cost the North Little Rock School District hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2008, roughly 400 properties annexed from Pulaski County into North Little Rock.

An employee at the Tax Assessor's Office accidentally included those properties into the North Little Rock school district tax zone too, when in fact, they're still part of Pulaski County Special School District.

About five years ago, Marcus Lowe's county home -- off 165 -- was annexed into the city of North Little Rock.

He said, "There still seems to be kind of a gray area right where we are."

This past year, his school taxes went up even though the millage never increased.

Lowe said, "I think a little surprising they didn't have everything dealing where it was supposed to go."

The millage did increase for North Little Rock School District, but Lowe lives in the Pulaski County Special School District, where taxes remained the same.

Joe Thompson, from the Tax Assessor's Office, said, "One or two taxpayers called in and said why did my bill go up so much?"

During a North Little Rock School Board meeting, folks with the Pulaski County Tax Assessor's Office explained how an employee mistakenly annexed around 400 properties into the wrong school district.

The North Little Rock Superintendent says the mistake will lead to some program and administrative cuts.

Total over-payments during the last five years could add up to more than $1 million, it's money now owed to PCSSD.

Supt. Kelly Rodgers said, "It hits us for around $450,000 this year alone!"

Meanwhile, Lowe's expecting some sort of refund for the over-payment, but is more concerned about his tax dollars being spent at the right school.

He said, "I hope they can get it sorted out."

North Little Rock and PCSSD are expected to figure out a plan on how the money will be paid back.

The Assessor's Office did buy new software to make sure this type of mistake doesn't happen again.

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