Formal Complaint Filed Against Bentonville Schools

BENTONVILLE, AR (KNWA) -  Families are accusing the Bentonville School District of unfair treatment toward students with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

An attorney out of Little Rock filed a complaint with the Arkansas Department of Education on March 27. In it, Theresa Caldwell says several students with Autism were
denied "Appropriate research-based behavioral interventions and subjected to direct physical restraint".

Bentonville School District Spokesperson, Mary Ley, issued a statement saying "The Bentonville School District takes pride in the education and services provided to each student. The students mentioned in Ms. Caldwell's most recent complaint are no exception. We absolutely do not agree with the allegations asserted by Ms. Caldwell. The Bentonville School District stands ready to provide the most effective, research-based instructional support possible for all of our students, including students with Autism."

Parents behind this complaint want to move their children to a private school in Fayetteville that caters specifically to children dealing with Autism, and they are hoping for reimbursement from the district. Caldwell said hearing dates are set for May 13 through early June.

This isn't the first time the Bentonville School District has faced legal action. Back in early March, we told you about a similar case represented by the same Little Rock attorney, Theresa Caldwell. In that complaint, a parent says educators sent her son to therapy, or TDT, where he was abused.

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