Former LRPD Officer Guilty of Lying to FBI

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - A federal jury has found Randall Tremayn Robinson, 40, not guilty on drug shipment charges, and found him guilty on count of lying to the FBI.

Jurors today began their seventh hour of deliberations.

Prosecutors say Robinson conspired with his half-brother, Mark Anthony Jones, to protect what they believed were marijuana shipments in southwest Little Rock two years ago.

It turns out the supposed drug contact was an FBI informant and both were arrested and subsequently fired from the Little Rock Police Department.

Jones pleaded guilty and began serving an eight and a half year prison sentence.

But a jury last summer couldn't decide whether Robinson was a knowing participant in the scheme.

Much of the same evidence played in Robinson's 3-day trial, including surveillance and audio recordings the government considers enough for jurors to convict.

This trial has shockwaves beyond central Arkansas.

This case came on the heels of Operation Delta Blues in Helena-West Helena, a major police corruption case that dominated east Arkansas.

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