Foster Parent Accused Of Rape

- PINE BLUFF, AR -- A foster parent working for the Pine Bluff School District is charged with raping a child.

52-year-old Samuel Evans is behind bars on a $25,000 bond.

The foster father is accused of raping a 13-year-old boy at his home last week.

Major Lafayette Woods said, "So when you're seeing things like this, it's very heartbreaking."

Major Woods says along with being a foster parent, Evans also worked in the Transportation Department at Pine Bluff City Schools.

He said, "And their job is to provide those essential elements to a child, not to abuse them in any physical or mental way."

While the Department of Human Services couldn't comment on the case, Director of Communications, Amy Webb, explained the process of becoming a foster parent, calling it difficult.

She said, "So we want to make sure people who are foster parents are capable of taking care of children and providing them everything they need."

After a foster parent application is filled out, there are state and federal criminal background checks.

Then, 30 hours of training, also interviews and home checks.

It's a process that could take six months or longer, unfortunately it's not always enough.

Webb said, "When that happens we want to make sure we respond swiftly and make sure no other kids get into that home."

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department will continue investigating this rape, stating there's a possibility other victims are out there.

Major Woods said, "We hate to see cases like this."

Investigators say the 13-year-old victim, called his mother after he was raped and she called State Police.

That's when the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department began their investigation.

They are waiting for DNA evidence as this investigation continues.

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