Gas Station Controversy in Little Rock Neighborhood

Published 08/05 2014 08:33PM

Updated 08/05 2014 08:39PM

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Little Rock Board of Directors is expected to vote tonight on the development of a vacant lot where the old Brandon House Furniture used to stand at the intersection of University and 12th Street.

Directors will vote on a planned zoning development for a Murphy's USA gas station.

Neighbors say they're excited about change in the area, but not businesses that run around the clock.

"There's always going to be change, and we expect development we just think it should be development that's better for being so close to a neighborhood," says Pam Powell.

We reached out to the developer of the gas station but have yet to hear back.

A conditional use permit for a hotel there has already been turned down by the planning commission.

But that decision has been appealed to the city board which could be voted on next month.

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