Grant County Sheriff to Resign on Monday

GRANT COUNTY, AR -- The Grant County Sheriff is resigning his office effective tomorrow morning.

The resignation could possibly put an end to a drawn out civil suit.

The state filed a lawsuit to remove Sheriff Ray Vance from office in 2013, following a Kansas conviction coming to light during the election season.

Sheriff Vance pleaded no contest in 2010 to falsifying documents to get a Kansas lifetime hunting license.

Back then, he also agreed to pay thousands of dollars in restitution.

But Vance's former election opponent isn't sure his resignation will resolve the issue.

Vance's 2010 opponent said, "Are we going to make our elected officials abide by same rules and laws as everybody else. It's not about what kind of job he's done."

Individuals convicted of crimes - such as this - are barred from serving in an elected office.

However, Vance is currently the only name on the ballot for sheriff in November's general election.

And plenty of people say they're willing to put him back in office.

We'll continue to follow this story for you.

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