Group Tries to Give Faulkner County Voters an Option on Alcohol

CONWAY, AR - Wine, beer, and liquor are some things you can find at Mikes Place in Conway. But if you are looking to get some alcohol to bring home you won't find it in Faulkner county.

"We are a dry county so obviously we jump through a lot of hoops, to begin with we pay a $1,500 dollar licensing fee a year and you have to go buy it in a wet county," says Mike Coats.

Now one group is trying give voters a chance to decide.

If the group "Our Community Our Dollar" can collect 25,000 signatures then the issue will go before voters on the November 4th ballot for the first time in two decades.

Voters we spoke to say the extra sales could give a much needed boost to the area.

"All these counties from the southeast part of the state to the northwest part of the state all need to get as much sales tax revenue as they can so the can upgrade in their standard of living for their constituents. So I think it's extremely important for these towns," says Steve Strange.

While restaurant owner Mike says he is neutral on the issue, he said it also wouldn't hurt to have the change.

"It increases my cost by about 10% doing that and that's pretty significant. We pay for delivery service, we buy it from a liquor store so we don't get quite the discounts so it would certainly make it a little cheaper for us," says Mike.

But until change comes around Mike will keep crossing county lines so he can keep the drinks flowing.

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