Guns on Campus: Armed Teachers Debate Continues

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansas lawmakers who would like to increase the number of school districts that can arm teachers continued their work on the issue today.

Right now the number stands right at a dozen districts statewide.

The House and Senate Judiciary Committee heard from Clarksville Superintendent David Hopkins on how the system is working in his district.

Clarksville is the first in the state to use a private investigators license to arm teachers.

A state board ruled to let Clarksville and 11 other districts hold on to those licenses. But, as Hopkins pointed out today, that ending date is coming.

"There is a sunset to our commissions and we just want to make sure we get something put in place so that we can continue our program after those commissions expire," he says.

Those commissions expire in September 2015.

It remains to be seen if lawmakers will act during the budget session next February or wait until the 2015 session to act.

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