Heber Springs Woman Inspires Kids Through Their Talents

HEBER SPRINGS, AR -- A Heber Springs woman is reaching out to troubled kids through an organization called Teen Recruiters.

Barbara Owens understand what it's like to be a teen.

There are struggles with things from "fitting in" to peer pressure.

But by helping teens focus on their passions, instead of problems, Owens is changing lives in Heber Springs.

Kailie Dickerson said, "And I just take my shaving razor and slice all up and down my arms and legs."

Dickerson used to cut herself to deal with depression.

Michael Marble said, "I got bullied at school, just everywhere. I ended up starting to drink."

Marble said he turned to alcohol to cope with troubles.

His brother Kevin was bullied too.

The two got separated -- for three years -- while in foster homes.

Kevin Marble said, "I came home and it was an empty room by myself and there was nothing and I had no one."

Those are three different stories with three different struggles but the kids telling them have one thing in common, and it's what brought them together, their love of dancing.

Dickerson said, "And that's all that really matters to me."

Teen Recruiters CEO Barbara Owens said, "You know I can't help it, I get close to these kids and they become my family."

Owens motivates kids to pursue their dreams and explore their talents.

For some it's dancing and for others it may be singing or something else.

But with all the struggles of "growing up", the teens we talked to says finding a focus makes being a kid easier.

The reporter asked Michael Marble, "What happens when you dance?"

He responded, "It's more or less everything disappears. Every worry in the world disappears."

Kaile no longer cuts herself, Michael beat his addiction and Kevin doesn't care what people say about him.

The three found their passions thanks in part to one woman who decided to pursue her passion of helping teens.

If you would like to support these kids and Teen Recruiters, they'll be performing July 19th at 8:00 p.m. at Sandy Beach in Heber Springs.

The event is free.

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