'Hope Neighborhood'

Little Rock, AR -- It's a neighborhood that's typically in the news for things like shootings, drug crimes and break-in's, but a Little Rock woman's hopeful that can change.

The area is 12th to 20th Streets and Cedar to Jackson.

One woman says she wants the area -- now known for crime -- to become the "Hope Neighborhood" by bringing people together to create change.

During a meeting this week with the new Little Rock police chief, Erma Peterson talked about the fear of leaving her home.

The issues range from drug violence to shootings.

So Peterson wants to start something called the Hope Neighborhood in an effort to help prevent that crime.

She said, "I just want the community to come together and to try to iron out our problems and just commune together as neighbors."

Brendon Brewer supports any kind of change.

He says it beats the alternative.

Brewer said, "It's life or death, you're either going to do life in the penitentiary or you're going to be dead."

Sharon Perry is more skeptical about the idea of change in the area because she says it's an old concept that never goes anywhere.

Perry said, "Everyone wants to talk about it, but nobody is doing anything about it."

For change to happen, Perry says city leaders need to work on getting kids off the streets.

But she says those leaders are no where to be found.

She said, "They always talk about how they're going to change the 'hood', how they're going to do this and that, where are all those change makers? I don't see one."

The first Hope Neighborhood meeting is expected to be held at Willie Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center on September 6th at 1:00 in the afternoon.

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