Hot Springs Man Arrested after Shotgun Found in Vehicle on School Campus

GARLAND COUNTY, AR - A Hot Springs man has been arrested after authorities say a shotgun and ammunition are found inside his vehicle on a school campus.

It happened Monday afternoon around 2:30 at Lake Hamilton High School.

That's where Alexander George Gilliana, 20, was taken into custody and charged with possession of a handgun on school property.

Gilliana was arrested after a deputy was sent to the school to investigate a vehicle that was believed to have been involved in a road rage incident earlier in the day at another location.

The road rage incident was reported to have happened at 280 Wolf Street. While being questioned at the school, deputies say Gilliana told them he had pulled in front of a vehicle earlier in the day and that the driver had gotten angry that he was driving slow. Gilliana said he then pulled over on Airport Rd. to let some people out of his vehicle when the other driver showed up and threatened him. The encounter made him angry, Gilliana reportedly said, so he followed the vehicle to Lake Hamilton Alternative School but then drove away.

Gilliana, who told officials he was at the high school to pickup his girlfriend, was asked why he went by the Alternative School again on his way to the high school but answered that he didn't know.

At that point, officials asked to search his vehicle, to which Gilliana agreed, telling them that he had a shotgun inside. Deputies say they found a 12 gauge shotgun with 4 rounds in the barrel under the back seat, along with 2 boxes of rounds and 4 knives.

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