How Highway Crews Are Clearing Roads

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) has a new tool for clearing roads after winter storms.

It's deploying a brand new $170-thousand dollar piece of equipment that features a belly plow.

The AHTD got the new plow last month.

It's the first one being used in central Arkansas. 

The blade is installed under the truck adding extra weight on it which allows ice to be popped off the road. 

"We're spreading a mixture of sand, salt and calcium chloride granules that promotes a little bit of melting but also provides some traction," explains the AHTD's spokesman Danny Straessle.

Meanwhile, at the City of Little Rock's Operations Center, crews are using a salt and sand mix to clear roads.

The city hopes to have heavily driven roads cleared by the end of the day --and residential areas cleared by the end of Tuesday. 

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