Human Remains Found in Little Rock


LITTLE ROCK, AR - A human skull along with other remains were found by a man walking his dogs Sunday.

Crime scene agents confirmed the remains are human and continued looking for more.

It's in the area of the 3300 block of West 33rd in Little Rock. That's near the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office.

The man that found the bones says he usually walks that area. This time was different though as his dogs pulled what looked like bones from the woods and started chewing on them.

This all happened in a gated area to the West of 33rd Street.

The Pulaski County Sanitation Department and Animal Services are back there.

The man told police once he realized what his dogs had got a hold of is when he saw what looked like a human skull.

Once Little Rock Police came, Crime Scene agents confirmed the remains were human.

Little Rock Police say there's bound to be a family out there this could bring many answers to however it could take a while.

"People are always wondering what happened to their family member or their loved one and hopefully we can get some resolution to some people here soon but that's gonna be a lengthy process," explained Lt. Sidney Allen. "It takes several days if not even weeks to determine who the remains belong to."

He says they have to get DNA off the remains and if there is not a match on file, they have to then start soliciting people they may believe it belongs to, to compare to the remains.

The cause of death is not known.

The remains are at the State Crime Lab for the identification process.

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