Humane Society Warns Pet Owners of Dog Theft for Fighting Rings and Puppy Mills

ARKADELPHIA, AR - An animal shelter is warning the public to keep watch on your dogs after multiple cases of missing pets has led them to believe someone is stealing dogs. They think it's part of a local dog fighting ring or puppy mills.

Sam Loy says someone stole her family dog.

"I had a feeling this is what was going on when Bowser come up missing," Loy said. "Our pit bull come up missing a little over a month ago."

It was taken right from her own property in Clark County near Arkadelphia.

"It's bad, especially with kids," she added. "Our kids love them just as much as we do."

Had it not been for her kids, they might have lost another dog.

"[A] Little white car had stopped and tried to put my dog in the car with them."

The kids didn't get a good look at who it was. They were only able to yell for the dog to stay. 

Unfortunately, the Loy's aren't the only family to fall victim to dog theft.

"When you hear about a lot of dogs going missing in the same area then you start thinking," explained Holly Vining.

The Director of the Humane Society of Clark County says missing dogs have been a problem in their area lately.

"People come and they steal it for puppy mills or sometimes fighting rings," Vining said. "It's sad, it's frustrating I mean you wanna be able to help them more than we can."

The Humane Society has taken to Facebook to try and warn dog owners.

A recent post said several dogs had gone missing the last few days and that there was reason to believe they were stolen from Dalark to Sparkman and Arkadelphia. They asked people to keep their dogs in because the thieves will steal them out of your back yard. 

They asked residents to report any unknown car/trucks/van to the Sheriff Dept. or local police.

"We wish we could do more but there's really nothing we can do," Holly said. "We can warn people to try and keep their dogs in if they're not at home."

They do it so that other families like Sam Loy's don't lose loved ones too.

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