Hundreds of Entergy Linemen Tackle Thousands of Power Outages

GARLAND COUNTY, AR - Work continues around the clock to restore power to thousands of Arkansans in the dark for a second day.

The help to make it happen is coming from around the nation.

In Garland County, the trucks are lined up, some were parked for the night by late Wednesday afternoon.

Their presence has created unexpected business at the Brady Mountain store, while crews venture out into some of the toughest terrain to restore power.

"It's something different everyday, it's always someplace new," says Mike Morrison.

There's plenty of work for crews on the frontline.

"Today what we're dealing with is we had two trees fall on these lines and it broke the pole and broke the wire," he explains.

Morrison and his crew from North Houston Pole Line spread throughout some of the hardest to reach areas of Garland County.

"Being back in the forest and the woods like this, its getting pretty tough because you're dealing with a lot of trees, plus with this ice," says Morrison.

The Ouachita National Forest may be a picturesque backdrop, but right now it's a dangerous one too.

"You've always got limbs breaking out, ice falling as it melts, it gets really hazardous sometimes, you've got to watch out for each other," he says.

This Texas-based line group is in the middle of a winter that's taken them to Oklahoma, back to Texas, and now a second trip into Arkansas.

"More ice storms than we normally do, none of them have been real bad, they've been pretty persistent," says Morrison.

Persistent, much like this 2014 winter so far.

Including the out of state crews, Entergy Arkansas says it has 1,500 lineman on the job restoring power. The power company hopes to have the lights back on for everyone by Thursday.

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