Hutchinson Outlines Plan to Improve Arkansas Public Safety

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson says he would support $1 million for additional parole officers and drug treatment courts annually if elected Arkansas governor.

Hutchinson also called for increased time in prison from six months to one year for offenders who violate their parole at a news conference Tuesday in Little Rock.

"Parolees need to know that a revocation is a serious matter," Hutchinson says.

Other proposals in his public safety plan (see full plan attached) include "adjustments" to Act 570 passed by the legislature in 2011.

Act 570 aims to slow the growth cost curve of state resources going to prison while keeping violent offenders incarcerated.

Hutchinson said he would like to "tweak" parts of the law to lower the limit for felony theft and imprison repeat offenders of state drug statutes.

Hutchinson, a former federal prosecutor and head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, is locked in a close race with former Democratic congressman Mike Ross in a bid to be the next governor.

Ross has advocated universal Pre-K for 4-year olds as a sound state investment to improve education and reduce the need for more resources going to jails and prisons in later life.

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