"Inappropriate, Unacceptable" Pentagon Says of Military Funeral Photo Taken in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Pentagon officials tell NBC News that at least one member of the Army National Guard's Funeral Honor Guard has been suspended and 14 others are under investigation over photos which appear to mock funerals for fallen soldiers.

The photos, allegedly posted on the internet by a female Guard soldier, show 14 Guardsman gathered around an empty flag-draped casket, mugging for the camera with the caption "We put the FUN in funeral."  

The photo was taken at Camp Robinson's National Guard Training Center in North Little Rock and includes Guardsmen from a number of separate states.

A second "selfie" photo shows the female soldier, (Spc. Terry Harrison), in a car on her way to a military funeral in Wisconsin with a caption complaining about the cold weather that read, "It so damn cold out. Why have a funeral outside? Somebody's getting a jacked up flag."  

Pentagon officials say she's been indefinitely suspended from funeral duty pending an investigation.   

Guard officials say the specialist has received death threats as a result of the posted photos.

A separate investigation continues into the 14 other Guardsman who appear in the photo with the empty "training" casket.

According to one Department of Defense official, "These are essentially kids blowing off a little steam, but given the serious and solemn nature of their mission, (funeral duty), their actions are inappropriate and totally unacceptable."

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