James Lee Witt's Statement on Arkansas 4th District Congressional Primary

DARDANELLE, AR (News release) - James Lee Witt, Democratic candidate for Congress, released the following statement regarding the 2014 Arkansas 4th District congressional race.

“I would like to take this time to offer my congratulations to Bruce Westerman and his family. I look forward to an honest discussion of the problems facing the people who live in the 4th District and how we would help solve them. 

There are important differences between us. I’ve never been a prisoner to any party or any ideology, working my whole life with Democrats and Republicans to find real solutions in the lives of the people I’m sworn to serve. I do this by working hard, being true to my faith and values, listening to people, and confronting the truth head on. 

This makes me different, and it’s a difference Washington needs. Democrats and Republicans in Congress waste too much time talking, name calling, and creating problems rather than solving them. They focus on who can get the other one first and the worst. My concern is about people not politics. 

The focus should be on getting the economy moving and helping people in the 4th District. 

I have visited with folks in every county and corner of the district, and let me tell you, people are hurting. We’re losing jobs every day. We need a plan that builds on the strength of our workforce and our resources to bring in new jobs. We need to make sure young people get the college or training they need to do those jobs. That’s how we’ll build our economy the Arkansas way.  

These are the issues I have been working on and will continue to focus on throughout this race. I am honored by the incredible support I have received during this primary, and I look forward to new opportunities to listen and work with the people of the 4th District – beginning right now.”

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