Jump Start 12th Street Revitalization Project

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The city of Little Rock making plans for a $200,000 grant to continue revitalizing a crime-ridden community.

People living in the 12th street area say over the past couple years they started noticing the revitalization efforts and they're ready to see even more changes.

The project's called Jump Start 12th Street because the goal is to re-start a neighborhood that's received a bad reputation.

Last summer, chaos erupted on 12th street after police shot and killed a man.

It's one of many violent acts seen in this neighborhood over the years.

But Janie Allen, who's lived there for our decades, sees things differently.

She said, "And the neighborhoods got more involved and the crime is really decreasing around here."

City leaders say the changes are thanks to a multi-million dollar revitalization effort that began seven years ago.

A big part of that effort is referred to by some as the "Miracle on 12th Street" also known as the Better Community Development.

Director of Programs Deborah Bell said, "It's a dream you know when you can actually envision something happen."

Better Community Development built a place where people with addictions can get help.

The organization also reaches out to kids in the community and helps build new homes.

Bell said, "So we wanted to make sure we stay rooted in our community because this community is our heart."

Frederick Gentry, with the city of Little Rock, said, "Well we can't do this without the community's input."

City leaders say things are moving in the right direction but more work needs to be done and they're hoping people living in the area will help stop years of a bad reputation.

The reporter asked Allen, "Do you think revitalization will help to deter crime in this neighborhood?"

She said, "Yes, it will, yes it will."

A meeting will be held tomorrow night at 6:00 at the Willie Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center on 3805 West 12th Street.

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