Keeping the Crime Out and Skate Park Clean

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR-Its the first day of summer and these kids are spending it cleaning.

"Honestly I've been afraid to come here without my husband to be able to bring my kids here because you never know what is going on in this part of town" says Melissa Dulaney.

Melissa Dulaney's son Cody loves to skate board but before Saturday the Riverview skate park wasn't the ideal place.

Until former pro skate boarder Daniel Haney had an idea.

"What I want to do is encourage the people who are out here for the right reasons to skate board to stand up for their park to take care of their park" says Haney.

So Daniel put a broom in their hands and put the young boarders to work.

Which parents like Melissa say will attract a better crowd.

"Cleaning it up is awesome because that means I can come without him and know that it will be ok" says Dulaney.

But their hard work didn't go unnoticed.

Daniel rewarded the kids who came out with prizes and skate boards.

Hoping kids will learn a valuable lesson.

"So hopefully by that the next time they see some liter they are going to go hey you know what I had to clean this park to get a skate board so I am not going to stand by and let you dirty it up" says Haney.

A lesson that will keep kids skate boarding and hopefully out of trouble during these summer months.

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