Little Rock Fire Department Fan Donations are Low


Little Rock, AR – Imagine living in today’s heat with no air conditioning. This is reality for many people across central Arkansas and the Little Rock Fire Department is trying to help.

LRFD is holding its annual “Beat the Heat Fan Drive” through the end of August, but said it will take fan donations until it has enough to help needy families.

“This has been—not a very good month and a half for donations,” said Captain Edwin Woolf with LRFD. “We haven’t received very many. The more we receive, the more we’re able to distribute.”

The primary focus for the drive is homes with senior citizens and/or small children who do not have adequate air conditioning. These age groups are the most vulnerable to heat related emergencies.

According to the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS), there have been 51 heat related emergencies this year compared to 75 at this time in 2013.

Fans can be dropped off at any Little Rock Fire Department Station.

Anyone in need of a fan will need to contact any of the Little Rock Alert Centers, not the Fire Department.

LRFD said to avoid heat-related emergencies drink plenty of water, stay in the shade as much as possible, wear light-weight loose clothing and never leave people or pets unattended in cars.

The following are signs of heat-related emergencies: light-headed, dry mouth, elevated core body temperature, clammy skin, lack of sweating, diarrhea and muscle cramps.

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