Large Wildfire Continues to Burn in Garland County

GARLAND COUNTY, AR -- Sunday night a large wildfire was burning near Lake Ouachita State Park.

Meanwhile, the threat for even more wildfires in Arkansas remains.

Right now, the Natural State has the most, large, wildfires in the country that's because of the dry and windy conditions here.

The fire inside the United States National Forest in Garland County grew to 200 acres in the past couple of days.

Firefighters are letting it burn out.

Park rangers say there's no homes nearby, but people living in Jessieville and Hot Springs Village may be impacted because of the wind.

So fire officials recommend the elderly and those sensitive to smoke should try to stay indoors until the fire's out.

Captain Edwin Woolfe, with the Little Rock Fire Department, says wildfires are very common during this dry weather and fighting them can be complicated.

He said, "With the dry air and then the dry conditions in place, and the wind it can really spread fire quickly so it's a struggle for us if it's a really windy day to stay ahead of the fire and make sure we get the fire out before there's too much damage."

The cause for the Garland County wildfire is still under investigation.

There's no word on how long it will take to burn out.

And keep this in mind, most central Arkansas Counties are under burn ban right now which means it's too dangerous to burn outside and if caught you could get a citation.

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