Learning Ins and Outs of the Private Option

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Arkansas Department of Human Services opening the floor to public comment on the private option during a forum at the University of Arkansas School for Medical Sciences.

Organizations like AARP and the Arkansas Hospital Association took to the podium and laid out any pros and cons they see to the Arkansas Healthcare Independence Program otherwise known as the private option.

"Go to great lengths to provide services to people in our state."

A court reporter was on hand to transcribe the comments, which will be added to the Department of Human Services website within the next 30 days for further public input.

Forum speakers were highlighting changes in access to care, financial ramifications for hospitals and healthcare providers and feedback from the newly insured.

"A lot of our citizens we interviewed wanted to thank the Arkansas Legislature for passing it and want to make sure it gets funding moving forward," says UAMS student Alex Handfinger.

UAMS grad students interviewed newly insured Arkansans, saying the overwhelming response was more peace of mind and financial stability among those interviewees.

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