Listen: Woman Claims to be Kidnapped by Escaped Prisoner 911 Call

PINE BLUFF, AR - A woman who claims she was kidnapped by escaped inmate Timothy Buffington, 47, described the situation to a 911 dispatcher.

"I was kidnapped and I just got away and I'm calling to inform y'all of what's going on," the caller said, "What's happening but we need some assistance as soon as possible because he is armed and he will shoot."

The caller said Buffington had a shotgun and access to more weapons. She also said Buffington said he "just wanted to leave and go somewhere and think."

Update on Buffington Search:

The Arkansas Department of Correction is continuing efforts today in the area of Princeton Pike near the prison grounds to locate Timothy Buffington.

Our preliminary investigation shows:

Buffington broke into a safe room at house located on prison grounds at the Pine Bluff Complex and obtained a shot gun. The door was deadbolted and Buffington managed to kick the door frame out to gain access. Buffington was doing yard/janitorial work at the house.

He confronted a woman who lives at the residence and attempted to get her to drive him off prison grounds. She managed to get away from him and run to Randall Williams Correctional Facility for help.

Video surveillance shows that Buffington obtained a camouflage hat and clothing. He may or may not be wearing these items.

ADC continues to focus on public safety and capturing Buffington and will conduct a full investigation on the issues surrounding his escape when he is back in custody.

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