Little Rock Family Angry After Charges Dropped Against Man's Killer

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A family is furious after charges are dropped against a man who shot and killed a young father. Monday night, they made a desperate call for justice. Over the weekend, Jermaine Humphery's mother, Patrice, visited her son's grave for the first time since she buried him in January. She wants people to hear his story in hopes more will be done to bring him justice.
"I love you," Patrice said Monday, again standing next to her son's grave. She talks to him. Sadly, he can't talk back.

"I still cry every day," she said. "The pain will never go away."

Jermaine Humphery, 24, was shot dead Jan. 13 during an argument outside a home on 31st St. in Little Rock.

Two days later, the suspected gunman, Rodterius Gardner, 20, turned himself in to police.

"The detective said he was going to be charged with First Degree Murder," Patrice said.

The Humpherys were awaiting a trial date to be set. But in March, prosecutors told them the charge was being dropped. They had determined the killing was self defense and Gardner was released.

Prosecutors say two witnesses told detectives Humphery flashed a gun of his own before being shot. No gun was found with Humphery's body.

"My son has never been in any trouble," Patrice said. "He has never been arrested. He didn't have a bad attitude. He was very respectful. He just didn't deserve this."

Prosecutors say evidence tampering at the scene and a key witness they can't find contributed to the decision not to move forward with the case against Gardner.

Humphery's family promises to continue pushing prosecutors to reconsider. They hope for a day in court for Jermaine Humphery, a father who left behind two children.

FOX16 reached out to a relative of Rodterius Gardner to allow him to tell his side of the story. So far, we haven't heard back.

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