Little Rock Shooting Could Have Gang Ties

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Late Tuesday night, Little Rock Police say three men were shot by two suspects, near the corner of Colonel Glenn Road and 36th Street.   

The incident reports says a witness claimed that one of the suspects is Crip gang member, and one of the victims, a member of the Bloods.

Lieutenant Sidney Allen from the Little Rock Police Department said, "This is the first shooting that I can think of this year that had a definite gang affiliation noted in the report."

"If they typically see any indicators of possible gang involvement, and things like that, they will note that in the report, and that is the first one I've seen this year."

Gang investigators will continue to look into this report, but right now the LRPD is not confirming the report of gang members involved.

Lieutenant Allen said, "We don't want to start labeling someone as something that they are not."

"Any shooting of any individual is a problem, any shooting involving gang members is even more serious than a regular shooting, perhaps, but is it a problem that's happening everyday and every weekend?  That is not the case."

One reason the police are being calculated in this case is to avoid a gang turf battle.

Lieutenant Allen added, "These guys watch television, and when you hear that one gang is having a difficulty with another gang, that could spark more issues throughout the city that wouldn't necessarily happen if that gang wasn't associated with it."

Police do not have a suspect in this case, they are hoping someone will come forward with who might have pulled the trigger. 

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