Local Mayor Accused of Kidnapping Grandchildren by Her Son

HOT SPRINGS, AR - It's a story ripped from the national headlines making news in Arkansas.  A MTV reality show cast member accusing his mother, and mayor of an Arkansas city, of kidnapping his children with the help of his Disney Star wife, Tiffany Thornton.

According to TMZ.com, Chris Carney has told the Los Angeles Police Department, that his wife and mother abducted his two children.

Chris' mother and Hot Springs mayor, Ruth Carney said, "It kills you, it rips your heart out."

"What he says is not true, nobody kidnapped anybody."

Mayor Carney's story is quite different from the one her son is telling.  She say's late last month she visited the couple and their children in California.

"I got there and realized the stress she was under and what was going on and it was getting to the point of unbearable.  Not physical abuse, but verbal and emotional abuse," she explained.

That's when Mayor Carney jumped in the car with Tiffany and the grandchildren and drove to the Spa City.

"He has been in contact with my daughter-in-law everyday."

"He knows where we live, I didn't go to Mexico and rent a hotel room, you know.  We came home with the children and came to see grandma and grandpa."

This mayor and mom knows there's a deeper problem.

"She's (Tiffany) told him the whole time when you stop drinking, I'll bring the babies home, and he said no you bring the babies home."

Now Mayor Carney is active in addiction recovery in Garland County, she said sometimes, even with your own son, tough love is needed.

"You can't enable someone that's like that, you can't contribute to their addiction."

Mayor Carney said her daughter-in-law and grandchildren are currently with family in Texas. 

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