Local Mom Featured on Reality Show Will Spend 10 Years in Jail

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A cheer mom featured on the TLC reality show Cheer Perfection, pleading guilty to sexual assault and engaging a child in sexually explicit conduct. 

A Pulaski County judge, sentenced Andrea Clevenger to 10 years behind bars.

A fellow anonymous cheer mom, who said she also had children in the gym featured on the show, told us, "It's heartbreaking."

"I think she got what she deserves, it's very disgusting."

"She chose her road, she made her own decisions, she was a grown woman, she knew better than that, she affected her children's lives."

This mother was surprised by the news, but as a result of Clevenger's case took her children out of the gym featured on Cheer Perfection.

"I don't just let anybody around my kids now.  I observe them, I watch, I pay very close attention, I Google them to see if they have a history."

As for sympathy for a mom in jail, this anonymous mom simply said she doesn't have any, "I would tell her she's sick, she needs help, she has screwed her life up, she has screwed  her children's lives up, they will never be the same."

We did talk to Clevenger's lawyer, she told us she did not have anything to add to this story.

The owner of Cheer Time Revolution, the gym featured in the TLC reality show, said, "My thoughts and prayers are with both families involved."

Clevenger was not an employee at Cheer Time Revolution, she was simply featured on the reality show. 

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