$20K Reward Offered by FBI for Help in Finding Missing Malvern Woman

MALVERN, Ark. - The FBI is now offering a 20,000 dollar reward to help find a missing Malvern woman. 

While law enforcement continues to treat this as a missing person's case, the woman's  family believe she was murdered. 

Suzen Cooper was last seen September 26, 2016. 

"Thanksgiving and Christmas was her favorite holidays and this is our second one without her," Suzen's sister Teena Latture said.  

Another season starts and questions still linger for Latture. 

"It consumes me." 

Her older sister Suzen Cooper was last seen in Malvern in September of 2016. 

"Malvern is such a small town and everybody runs their mouth. But it seems like when this happened everybody shut their mouth," she said. 

Court documents show Suzen was working as a drug informant.  

"She knew she had a hit on her." 

Suzen's ex sister-in-law Racheal Cooper was originally arrested in February for Suzen's murder.

In a plea deal, Hot Spring Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Stephen Shirron lowered the charge in August. 

 "To lessen it to hindering so where she's going to be out walking free in less than 5 years is ridiculous," Latture said.  

The affidavit puts Racheal with Suzen the night she disappeared. 

It says someone paid Rachael 1,000 dollars to bring Suzen to the 4000 block of Grigsby Ford Road in Malvern. 

Racheal says in the affidavit,  when Suzen tried to leave, someone shot her. 

"Do you know who may have shot her?" I asked. 


But her body has never been found. 

 "We're not going to stop until we find her." 

Now the FBI and DEA are offering 20,000 dollars for information leading to the possible gunman. 

"If money is what you're after, it's there. We just want my sister." 

A holiday wish, Her family continues to work toward. 

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