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31 Calves Found Dead in Newton County

NEWTON COUNTY, Ark. - Packs of dogs are chasing down calves and killing them on a farm in north Arkansas. 

31 calves were attacked by domestic dogs in Newton County.  

Officials and the farmer believe the dogs are coming from nearby homes and forming a pack. 
The slaughtered cows cost between $900-$1000 each. Some of the calves were still alive and suffering when they were found. 

"They just couldn't make it. So the ones who weren't dead - we'd go ahead and shoot them," the farmer said. 

"Dogs are a lot like teenage boys. You get a few of them together unsupervised and there's probably going to be some problems," Investigator Glenn Wheeler said.

Newton County does not have a leash law, but it is legal to shoot and kill a dog if it's chasing or killing your livestock. 

Officials have identified at least one of the dog owners. 

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