6 House Democrats Introduce Articles of Impeachment

Claim President Donald Trump is "danger to the country."

WASHINGTON D.C. - On Wednesday, six House Democrats launched the latest official effort to oust President Donald Trump. 

They introduced five new articles of impeachment claiming the president is a danger to the country. 

Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen says President Donald Trump is a danger to the country and wants him out of the White House. 

"We are calling upon the House to begin impeachment hearings immediately," Steven Cohen said. 

Cohen and five House Democrats introduced five articles of impeachment against President Trump.  

They say the president obstructed justice when he fired former FBI Director James Comey. 

They are also accusing President Trump of profiting from his time in office and undermining two of the country's central institutions--the courts and the press. 

"Article 4 Section 2 of the Constitution was drafted for a time such as this and a president such as Trump," U.S Congressman Al Green -Texas (D) said. 

Texas Congressman Al Green introduced impeachment articles of his own last month.  

He accuses the president of dividing the country racially and ethnically. 

"I’ve spoken to a lot of members," Steven Cohen said. 

But the six Democrats admit it's a longshot. 

Cohen says he does not have the support of the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and is struggling to get more House Democrats on board. 

"I think anybody that is talking about impeaching the President is not grounded in reality," U.S. Congressman Jodey Arrington - Texas (R) said. 

Texas Republican Jodey Arrington says the articles stand little chance of passing. 

"This is just another way to distract us from doing our job," Jodey Arrington said. 

Cohen says if the House Judiciary Committee does not take up hearings on the matter, he plans to hold briefings. 

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