$6.3 Million Project to Help Create Sewer System for Small Arkansas Town

WINCHESTER, Ark -- Raw sewage has been a cause for concern in Winchester ... a small town in Drew County ... for far too long.

But there is good news. The state is finally coming the town's aid. Yolanda White loves playing out with family, but their fun is often interrupted.

"Mosquitos is real bad here ... like these bugs," said White.

She said a lot of the pests problems have to do with raw sewage filling up ditches across town.

"It's just a lot," said White.

Winchester Mayor General Alexander said it's not just the bugs people grip about, it's the smell of human waste in the air as well.

"Everybody complains about it," said Alexander. "Especially when people come ... visitors."

He said the problem is Winchester has never had a sewer system to properly get rid of waste and it's hurting the town.

"People out of state that want to come back and build, but they don't want to build because we don't a sewer system," said Alexander.

But he hopes some recent good news will change that.

"I am so proud," said Alexander.

The Arkansas Natural Resources Committee recently awarded the town a little more than $3-million to build a sewer system.

"It's been a long time coming," said Alexander.

The sewage line will connect the nearly 200 homes in Winchester to a sewer system in Dumas, about 8 miles away.

"I feel great," said Alexander.

He isn't the only one.

For White, that hopefully means flushing her problems with pests down the pipes.

"I'm just glad it's about to happen," said White.

Dumas is also getting about $3-million to help build more pipes along their sewer line and fix any lingering problems.

No date has been given on when the project will start.

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