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71-Year-Old LR Woman Car-jacked at Gunpoint

LITTLE ROCK, Ark -- An elderly Southwest Little Rock woman was car-jacked at gunpoint, and it all happened right in front of her home.

Geraldine Garrett said she had just pulled into the driveway of her home early Thursday morning.

"I did not see anybody or anything standing around," said Garrett.

She hopped out her car and said that's when a strange man's voice made her jump.

"I turned around and said 'What, what the heck is going on around here?'," said Garrett.

Garrett said she was staring down the barrel of a gun.

"The size of a 50 cent or quarter," said Garrett.

She said the man demanded money.

"I said I don't have anything," said Garrett.

The 71-year-old wondering how she could stop the gunman.

"I thought about trying to tackle him, but I'm not too strong myself," said Garrett. "He was a tiny little guy and I might could have knocked him down."

Her brother, who was in the passenger seat, hopped out of the car to see what was going on.

Garrett said the man was nervously shuffling around and demanded the keys to her car.

"I told him don't shoot, don't shoot us," said Garrett.

She quickly handed over her car keys and watched him drive off in her car.

"I'm blessed to still be alive because it could have been worse," said Garrett.

The car is a white 2016 Dodge Journey with license plate 975VCU.

Call police if you have seen it.



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